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Storeb2b is another dropship supplier who offers a full turnkey solution to your dropshipping needs, offering help in establishing an online retail site as well, assisting in maximizing your ebay profits and obviously supplying a reliable dropshipping solution.


Storeb2b specialize solely within the consumer electronics niche, supplying dropshippers with a huge number of electronic equipment, at very cheap prices. There is a product list available on the site that lets you know what they sell and at what prices, very useful for someone who is considering using their service and wants to know what sort of profit they can get.

Customer support

The customer support ethos of Storeb2b is impressive, with free to call toll numbers, email support and dedicated customer service teams available to help you resolve any difficulties you may encounter.

Online site building

Storeb2b promises to help all customers develop their retail website. They give you a free domain name, software for developing niche stores and customer support to help you along the way. All very impressive services for anyone wanting to build their own online store.

eBay integration

The software available with Storeb2b integrates seamlessly with eBay, allowing turbo listings to be created that are both attractive and speedy to list. Considering the popularity of electronic goods on eBay that is an extremely useful attribute.

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  1. Ishnoot says:

    Store B2b does not offer attractive wholesale pricing. Other online stores such as best buy and wal-mart can just match the prices, causing you to only profit a small amount. Not worth it in my opinion.

  2. Dale says:

    Ishnoot ,Who do you prefer as a great dropshipping company?

  3. Mike says:

    Who do you recommend Ishnoot?

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