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Trading since 2004 Shopster pitch themselves as a full value dropshipping solution, with good reason. They are a dropshipping company that offer a huge range of services to anyone that is looking into getting into the dropshipping industry.


They offer over 1,000,000 products sourced from over 130 suppliers. This gives them a significant edge in what they are able to bring to you to sell. They work in a variety of consumer industries with items from and deal with huge companies, from Nintendo to Nike.

eBay Integration

They are a ‘eBay certified solution provider’. They have strong links with eBay and software specifically designed to help you make the most from your listings. Such presence helps as it ensures to a degree the reliability of the company.

Develop your online presence

Shopster offer an e-commerce solution for those that are looking to create their own dropshipping sites. They help you create, with means of some very powerful software, a fully brandable retail site that integrates seamlessly with their own stock management software. This means you can focus on what you do best, selling the items.

Full support

Shopster also offers full support for anyone using their services. A dedicated helpline, email support and online chat. Such support is vital as dealing with issues quickly will help ensure repeat customers.

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