Creating a Domain Name for Your DropShip Business

March 17, 2010 by

One of the biggest things involved with creating a drop ship business, is the name. The name says it all. If it is too complex the person will not remember it. This article will focus on a few tips for those starting out in the dropship business.

When trying to come up with a domain name, keep it simple. Avoid using long words and misspelled words. For example, if you used the domain name of, you run the risk of people typing in Thus, they would not ever find your site. Also, avoid using underscores or dashes in the name as many people simply forget that these belong in the address.

Com extensions on web addresses is the most common type, which will increase the number of people who will remember your website. Those that use a .org extension or some other type run the risk of people not visiting, just for this reason. Also, keep in mind to use a domain name that is associated with the subject of what you dropship. If you mainly deal with electronics, find a clever way to include this in your domain name. This will help people narrow down their search results and be directed to your page above someone who does not specify this in their domain name.

When shopping for a domain name there are also a few things to remember. For starters, beware of free domain names. This is a great way to start your drop shipping site, however many of these sites that have in the fine print that in the event you decide to switch hosts that you give up your domain name. If you want to establish your drop shipping site it is important that you always keep the same name for reoccurring customers to easily find you. Secondly, many free sites will simply attach your name to the end of their website. For example, electronicdropseller/ This makes your domain harder to remember and may interfere with the amount of traffic thus the number of customers you attract.

You will have to pay for your domain name, but it should not be an outrageous amount. On average a domain costs between five and seven dollars. If a company is charging twenty dollars per month, look else where. The point is to find an affordable site that will allow you the freedom that you need to run your business. You may also want to consider what other aspects the website offers such as ID protection and whatnot.

Getting into the drop selling business is not hard, however, it will require that you understand what you are doing starting with the domain name.

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